Time to blow off the cobwebs and get serious

Well. Looks like I have allowed this place to languish, haven’t I?

There are reasons, of course. There always are. Some of them are good reasons, and others are not. I’m not going to belabor them.

The comic went along fairly well for a while. Then there were lots of Real Life Things, culminating with the death of my desktop computer, with which I make my art. While that was down, life got a lot more hectic at my house, so now that it’s back up I can’t really get sufficient time each week to draw the comic. I was spending 8-10 hours a week making the comics, and right now I’m grabbing about 3 hours completely on my own. I’m able to snatch 30 minute increments here and there to do a little writing.

So, because of this I have turned more to writing as a creative outlet. I can do it in small doses, and on my lunch break at work. I’ve started writing an urban fantasy novel, tentatively called The Apprentice. However, the story has changed from my original conception enough that the main character’s apprenticeship isn’t the defining factor I originally thought it would be. So who knows what it will be called in the end.

I’ve also decided to write out my former graphic-novel concept, Celerity. It will go up as a serial on another WordPress blog.

The reason I am resurrecting this blog is that I have been doing a lot of thinking about writing and creativity, and I want to write those things out. Interactions on blogs and Twitter with other writers and artists have got the juices flowing.

Hard Hairpin Left (Maybe)

It looks like I am starting up a web comic. A friend of mine and I have been discussing it on and off for a while, and we both have just enough time and technique to do it. :)

It’s called Hard Hairpin Left (Maybe). Andrew is writing the comic, which is a pseudo-autobiographical surrealist farce thing. I’m sure these terms have exacting definitions from formal criticism that I’m not quite right about, but you get the general drift.

There’s a gallery for it over here. We’ll also have our own hosting for it eventually, but for now I’m just posting materials here in dA.

I even finished our first strip (or least its first iteration?)

From a general artistic perspective, I was surprised. Most of my attention has been going to painting, either digital or traditional. When I decided to start dorking around with line drawings and illustration again, I found that my ability to render what I saw or imagined was much improved. The same was true of my pen control.

I’ve been using MyPaint to draw and ink the cartoons, and GIMP to lay out the frames and straighten up the final image before uploading.