Amazon Kindle For Android: One-day Review

I have been using Kindle on my Samsung Moment for about a day, now.

In general, it’s a good app. It opens quickly – much more so than several other eBook readers I tried on my phone. Page scrolling is smooth and responsive. It has a wide range of font sizes, and three color options to choose from. I like the white-on-black setup. It’s easy on the eyes and uses less battery.

I had no trouble at all connecting to Amazon and downloading my books. The “Kindle Store” button takes you to the browser. It’s not a bad interface, but I was a bit surprised.

The only issue I have had so far is putting non-Amazon content on the system. I have a ton of Kindle-compatible content that didn’t come from Amazon. Stores like Baen Webscriptions and authors like Cory Doctorow, who allows downloads and sharing of his books for free, have seen to that. I tried copying .azw and .mobi files into the “kindle” folder on my SD card, but so far there’s been no luck. With the .mobi file it looked like it might have joined the list of books, but it was hard to tell because of the endless Force Closes that resulted. I wrote an email to Amazon support, so hopefully they will have something interesting to say soon.

I have had a Kindle since the first generation, and I really like the convenience. Being able to read my Kindle books on my Android phone is great, too. However, if something doesn’t change to allow me to use my non-Amazon content on the system, I’ll have to look into another solution.

Anyone know if Nook for Android is on the way?

Updated 07/01: I received an answer from Amazon support.  Currently there is no way to load files via USB, nor to have files converted and delivered by WhisperSync with Kindle For Android.  That’s pretty disappointing.

Updated 07/26: Acting on a tip from a reader, I tried manually adding .mobi files again.  It worked perfectly.  To add your .mobi files to Kindle for Android, just copy them to /kindle on your sdcard.