Eric’s Projects

These are my current ongoing projects, and their status.

Short Stories

Available Online

  • Rap Once For Yes” – A Halloween seance goes wrong for two wizards’ apprentices and their friends. At WattPad.
  • Among the Rubble” – Flash fiction about a man’s search for his missing little girl. At WattPad.
  • Useless” – Time travel isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. At WattPad.

In Progress and Submitted

  • “Bagheera” – A boy and his father get lost looking for the boy’s imaginary friend. In second draft, planning on submitting.


The Apprentice (working title) – Zoe Jansen is picked to be the final victim of a serial killer’s dark ritual. When she’s saved at the last minute, she learns that the craziness has really just started.

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Serial Novels

Celerity – Once a graphic novel project, I have had to bow to the fact that I simply haven’t the time to do the art for it. I plan to write it up as prose chapters instead, in serial form on its own blog. Stay tuned for the link.


Hard Hairpin Left (Maybe) – Written by Andrew Hime, drawn by me. Currently on hiatus because life has become overwhelming and my personal time is coming in 30-minute to 2-hour chunks. Two comics a week takes 8-10 hours.

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