Time to interrupt the crickets

I’ve been neglecting this place, and writing in general. I posted about the scary hamburger fingertips that prevented a lot of optional keyboarding before. I’ve also been helping my wife get off the ground with her website and part time crafting business, Ladysea Creations.

I’ve also been learning about and plotting to start making soap. Expect some posts about that as I get going.

It also appears that my break from writing hasn’t ruined my interest in my story, or writing in general. So it’s time to get back to that in a serious way.

In short, I’m back and glad to be back. I’ll be making a couple more posts over the next day or two about indy books I’ve read recently.


Time to blow off the cobwebs and get serious

Well. Looks like I have allowed this place to languish, haven’t I?

There are reasons, of course. There always are. Some of them are good reasons, and others are not. I’m not going to belabor them.

The comic went along fairly well for a while. Then there were lots of Real Life Things, culminating with the death of my desktop computer, with which I make my art. While that was down, life got a lot more hectic at my house, so now that it’s back up I can’t really get sufficient time each week to draw the comic. I was spending 8-10 hours a week making the comics, and right now I’m grabbing about 3 hours completely on my own. I’m able to snatch 30 minute increments here and there to do a little writing.

So, because of this I have turned more to writing as a creative outlet. I can do it in small doses, and on my lunch break at work. I’ve started writing an urban fantasy novel, tentatively called The Apprentice. However, the story has changed from my original conception enough that the main character’s apprenticeship isn’t the defining factor I originally thought it would be. So who knows what it will be called in the end.

I’ve also decided to write out my former graphic-novel concept, Celerity. It will go up as a serial on another WordPress blog.

The reason I am resurrecting this blog is that I have been doing a lot of thinking about writing and creativity, and I want to write those things out. Interactions on blogs and Twitter with other writers and artists have got the juices flowing.

A new home

I have migrated the blog over to the WordPress.com site.  I realized there’s just no reason to go on spending money on web hosting right now.  If I  find myself wanting to do more with it again in the future, maybe I’ll move it back.

For now, just a blog

I’m going to change the site code to automatically forward requests for the home page on to this blog, until I decide what else I might want to do with the place.

What to do, what to do?

I have been feeling sort of at sea about the site and blog here.  When I created it, I had visions of finding other creators to share space, ideas, and time with.  Unfortunately, it hasn’t worked out that way, and I have ended up alone here.  The problem is, a one man show is a lot easier to do at any of several sites that are already out there.

If I gave up on the idea of having partners here, it would be a lot easier to organize, of course.  I don’t think I’m quite ready to give it up, though.

I do think it’s time to get some of my CC visual art work up here.  At first I was really tentative about it, because I am not feeling particularly skilled – but what the heck.  I think that at first I will just put up a page that has thumbnails and links to my DeviantArt account, but eventually I will host the files here (including their GIMP and/or MyPaint original files.)

So!  If you have music, art or literature you are interested in sharing with the world, contact me!  Let’s get something up there, and turn this place into more than just a graveyard.

I'm not dead!

I have not been active much here, or in any other online venue, honestly.  I just haven’t been feeling that inspired.

I did want to share something with everyone, though.  I think it’s pretty awesome.  “AMTRON delivers 28,000 Ubuntu-based PCs to students in Assam.”  The government of Assam has a program in which it gives a new PC to every student that gets 60% or better on their high-school exit exams.  I have no idea what 60% represents, but I assume it must be pretty good – at least enough to ensure you’re a useful addition to the work force.  AMTRON is responsible for implementing the program, and they went with Ubuntu based PCs.

I don’t see why any government program would use a proprietary operating system, frankly.  The cost savings for software, combined with the benefit of not being held hostage to a single company, seems like a great solution to me.  The more people that are reached with a system like this, the more it will become understood that there are more than two choices about how to use your computer.  OSX and Windows can be great, if they offer what you need, but a lot of people are wasting a ton of time and money on them that they don’t need to.

Bravo, Assam!

Also, my tutorial on using HAL .fdi files to configure keyboard layouts seems to be broken in Ubuntu “Jaunty Jackelope” 9.04.  I will be updating the tutorial once I figure out the extent of the change and how to fix it.  So far I haven’t worried about it too much, because I have only run into problems with the GDM login.

Happy Holidays

I wanted to wish everyone reading this a merry Christmas.  Wherever you are, and whatever you believe, I hope tomorrow, and the coming year, are wonderful for you and yours.

Merry Christmas From Dragonsept Arts

Merry Christmas From Dragonsept Arts