Changing Writing Software, and Status Update

I started off this project using Celtx, because it has an online version and can be synced with their servers. I still like the software a lot, but for one reason and another its benefits no longer really apply to me.

Looking around here and there, I came across a Windows native program that can be run as a portable app. It’s called yWriter, and it was written by an author. I like the way it separates the manuscript out by scene as well as by chapter. In addition, it has databases to keep track of characters, items, locations, etc. It can also be run on Mac and Linux with Windows emulator software, so that’s a bonus.

Progress remains steady but not blazing fast. I’m up to 32,884 words at the time of this writing. That’s darn near half a novel, people!

I went back and did some expanding of a secondary storyline. I am liking where that’s taking me. It’s adding some complexity to the antagonist POV character, and I think the end of his character arc will be changing as well.

I also conceived a scene that I’m pretty sure has to happen, but I’m not certain how to get there. I’m letting it stew a little bit. I don’t want to write the thing and realize later that I wanted it just for the “cool” factor.

In addition to the novel, I’m working on a short story (4000 word limit) for the Reddit /r/FantasyWriters October story competition.


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