Elaborating Versus Dwelling

As I work my way through this longer-form story, I am finding new and interesting ways in which I am not confident in my choices.

In particular, I’m not certain how to come down in the “Appropriate” section of the Glossing Over->Appropriate->Wallowing spectrum.

Crazy stuff is happening to Zoe, my main character. In addition to these totally unpredictable events, people in her life are having some very predictable reactions. “So, you see things no one else can see? And they talk to you? Just talk to the nice doctor, okay?”

I don’t want to gloss over the importance of Zoe’s reactions to these things. At the same point I don’t want to pointlessly wallow. So I’m basically wandering around the wilderness with neither a flashlight nor a map.

The rational part of my mind realizes that this is something that comes with practice and feedback. Unfortunately, that doesn’t make the bumbling around any easier.

What about you? How do you draw the line?


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