Sick spouses and children do not a productive writer make

I had Big Plans this weekend for getting some word count knocked out. Several thousand if possible.

Unfortunately, the Virus Fairy had other plans. The Mrs. got knocked down with a pretty severe head cold with sinus congestion, and for at least one day in there the baby had it, too. I actually ended up staying home and working remotely on Thursday so I could pinch-hit for my wife if the baby needed things. This weekend, she was still feeling pretty rough, so I spent a fair amount of time just on baby duty.

In addition, we had other things planned for the weekend, like helping friends move and taking the teenager to her gig at the local Renaissance festival. And I had to work it some time with the boy, of course.

Long story short, by the time I had much time to myself, I was brain fried and tired and let the writing go by the wayside.

Score for this weekend, Life 2, Book 0.


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