Listening to StreamTheWorld Radio Stations on Android

A friend of mine got a new Android phone, and wanted to listen to her favorite radio station (Z103.5)on it.  Z103.5 uses as their streaming radio provider.  Unfortunately, their online player is Flash, and their handheld app is only for iPhone.  What’s a Droid user to do?

I was able to help her through a bit of snooping, and a few Google searches.

Step 1: Find your station’s call sign.

Click the link to open the live streaming player, and check out the page source.  (Right click on the page and choose View Source in just about any browser.)

Look for an iframe element that points to  For example:

<iframe src=”” ….>

The text I have highlighted above is the station callsign.

Step 2: Build Your Streaming URL

Every one of the StreamTheWorld streams is available in a normal .pls stream, but not everyone exposes it.  However, if you know the URL and the station callsign, you’re good to go.

To get to the stream, your URL will look like this: callsign].pls

So, my friend’s station is accessible here:

That’s the hard part.  The rest is cake.

Step 3: Add Station to Your Favorite Player

If you don’t already have one, download an internet radio streamer for your phone.  Personally, I like A Online Radio, but any of them that allow custom URLs should work.  (If you don’t want to go to their website, these URLs will work just fine in Rhythmbox, Amarok, WinAmp, or any other desktop streaming client, too.)

In AOR, Press the “Live” tab and select “Add Channel.”

On the screen that comes up, you will see a text box marked “Channel URL.”  Type in the URL we built in step 2, and press “Add.”

There you go!  Your radio station is set up, and added to your Favorites.


2 Responses to “Listening to StreamTheWorld Radio Stations on Android”

  1. Ian M. Says:

    Dude! I am soooo happy I found your post. It’s so rare that you find some actual 100% useful helpful info on the net. Your post was right on the money. You totally made my day. Thanks again!!!

  2. Ernie Nkwatchkai Says:

    THANK YOU!!! I’ve been trying to find a way to do this for a freakin’ YEAR now! Turns out the TuneIn Radio app for Android already had all the stations I wanted available without having to use the URL I’d finally managed to hack together.

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