Almost Finished – Crazy Concept

Vases - Final WIPThis week at painting class, my teacher told me, “I think you’ll be signing this tonight.”

Of course, the best laid plans of mice and men, yadda yadda. 🙂  When we got to the last step (painting the horsehair burn marks on the tan vase,) we discussed a few approaches and picked one that would probably work best.  Unfortunately, we didn’t have the tools we’d need.  So, the final coup-de-grace will not be delivered until next week.

I have been working on this painting for more than six months, now.  Considering that I am only in class 2 hours per week, I am given to understand that this is not a particularly long time for one’s first still life.  It is long enough to start to feel like it’s just the way life is, and that you’ll never be painting anything different.

Next I am going to work on a black and white painting of a cast.  The cast in this case is of a man’s eye, eyebrow, and the bridge of his nose.  My value scale is very tight, so this cast painting should help with that immensely.  Once that one is done, I think I may push for something a bit more expressive or even impressionistic.  Just for a change of pace.  Maybe some small alla prima paintings.


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