It was a good week to paint

Another week, another layer of paint.
This week the focus was on the background. My original thought was to use a looser style with more visible brush calligraphy in the back. It would evoke the complex texture of the background (a sort of shiny, embossed fabric) and add visual interest.
Unfortunately, in practice it ended up passing “interesting” and moving into “busy and overwhelming” so I had to smooth out the transitions.
However, it wasn’t a total waste. I think I managed to turn a lot of the sharp crease-like value changes into a more gentle roll feel. I also fixed my darks so they were more in line with the rest of the background.

I also got some very nice glow in at the edges of the picture (not that visible in this photo) using Daniel Green “golden ochre” painted thinly wet-into-wet into the green.

Obligatory school pride/socialization plug – if you are interested in art, you should come take classes along with me at Brushworks. 🙂

Patty also hates me and wants me to be poor – she told me about a sale on that same Daniel Green paint for up to 85% off. That’s $10 for a tube of Cadmium Red, instead of close to $50. I should probably scoot out there this weekend and see if they have any Ultramarine left – I’m getting really low. Not to mention that the more I use my M. Graham and Winsor-Newton paints, the less patience I have for the stiffness and lack of staying power from my Winton tubes. 🙂

This is my first WIP photo taken using my new phone. It works well. It’s nice to have a camera that’s worth a darn in my pocket. I might be able to start taking more snaps. 🙂

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