Enlightenment WM gets corporate sponsorship, inspires new series of blog posts

Phoronix posted a news story yesterday about Enlightenment window manager’s new corporate sponsor, Samsung.  This is great news for the Enlightenment team, and I hope in helps to get E17 and the FOSS community as a whole more exposure.

The Phoronix story mentions several times that Enlightenment doesn’t get a lot of exposure.  Honestly, there are a lot of window managers that most people never hear about.  The big news lately is all about Gnome and KDE, which means Metacity, KWin, and Compiz get all the press.  I know there are other WMs out there, and that some of them are really good products.  What I don’t really know is, how do they compare to one another?  Which ones have compositing?  Which ones do tiling?  What’s the performance like on each?  The memory footprint?

I suspect that a lot of open source reporting resists side-by-side comparison in an attempt not to make the stories about competition.  There are more articles comparing versions and variations of the same project, and the perennial Gnome vs KDE debates.

I left a comment about this, but then it occurred to me:  I have Virtual Box, and all this extra drive space!  I don’t need to reconfigure my own system over and over again in order to test these things.  So I am going to try to do a series of reviews that include side by side feature comparisons.

My questions for you, dear readers, is these:

  1. What Window Managers do you want to see compared?
  2. What WM features are you most interested in hearing about
  3. What other projects and products would you like to see?

2 Responses to “Enlightenment WM gets corporate sponsorship, inspires new series of blog posts”

  1. Chrispy Bongo Says:

    Ideally, you’d cover a range of options – it’s not so useful to see a review of 10 different NeXTStep clones that only difference in source license. It’s more useful to cover ones that have substantially different look & feel, architecture, etc.

    I used E16 as my desktop at work for several years (mostly for the eye candy, which at the time was cream of the crop but later outpaced by Compiz and friends). Never got into E17 as I was looking for a window manager, not a kitchen sink. That’s what Emacs is for 😉

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