Lakeville Art Festival was a great day out

This weekend was the Lakeville Art Festival in Lakeville, MN. My wife volunteered both days, and the kids and I joined her there on Sunday.

There were a lot of great artists there. I saw some extremely good glasswork, wood and metal sculpture, but my attention was predictably on the painters. We also saw a “Bob Ross” style painting demonstration, which was interesting. My wife one won of the demo paintings in a raffle.

My favorite artist out there was an abstract acrylic painter named Alison Price (under construction, but she has a blog). She had some really beautiful pieces for sale, but they were simply outside my price range. Luckily, she’s looking into having prints made, which will be much more doable.

Another great booth was the art of East-West Classical Studio. They are a pair of Chinese scholars and artists who came to the US to study and work on creating their medium and style, which combines Chinese ink and paint brushwork with Western egg tempura, on beautifully textured rice paper. Their pieces ended up looking very Impressionistic.

Huck Tate is a pop artist with a thing for 3 piece canvases and shoes. He did a great piece featuring the Marvel comics character Thor. He was kind enough to let me take a snap shot to share with my friends.

Finally, there was Michael Schmidt. Sonya and I were divided about his work, but I was fond of most of it. He paints with an expressive style, and with flattened perspective that reminds me of Gaugin’s cloisonnism.

I wish I were more wealthy, and could own originals from all of these artists, but it’s just not going to happen. Thankfully, most of them have prints available. I’d like to get more fine art prints up on my walls.

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