It's coming along

It’s been about three months since I decided to make a steady effort to get my art skills back to their old standard, and hopefully exceed that. I think it’s been going pretty well. It’s been less than a month since I decided I should try to draw something every day, and no excuses.

I have missed two days in that time, but even on those days I kept up my reading, so I am content.

My confidence and consistency have definitely improved in the last month. My ability to put lines and color where and how I want them is definitely getting better. My reliance on grids to help me use references is less as well.

Some things I definitely still need work on:

  • Shading. I’m getting better, but probably still too timid.
  • Anatomy. Standard.
  • Backgrounds. I finish the principals of my drawings or paintings and I am at a loss at how to plan the backdrop.
  • Style. So far I have been working mostly on realism and comic-style art. I am feeling the need to branch out a bit. Maybe explore some more creative uses of color.

My latest piece of work is School’s Out


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