Need a font?

Fonts can be an issue sometimes when you use Open Source software.  Many of the fonts with which Windows and Mac users are most familiar are licensed and only available for a fee.  Some of those fees can be pretty astronomical.

On top of that, the creators of your favorite distribution might just have a very different aesthetic from you, and package a selection of fonts that you just don’t want to look at all day, every day.

Enter the Open Font Library.  OFL is a place to share and download open source fonts.  They can be shared, used, remixed, and otherwise rearranged.  Examples that I have seen so far have ranged from the extremely specialized (buttons and icons from a German kitchen appliance), to the standard (fixed-width font), to the sublime (I quite like PhaistosDisk’s whimsical Layne series of fonts).

Most of the fonts are available either under the SIL Open Font License, or released fully into the Public Domain.

What are your favorite fonts?  On my Linux boxes at home, I like to use RedHat’s Liberation family of fonts, so far.  All this web design, semantics, and font investigation has got me curious about typography, though.  Who knows where *that’s* gonna lead.

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