Getting the tech itch

Ah, spring.  When a young geek’s fancy lightly turns to thoughts of code.
Or something like that, anyway.
I have been bitten rather severely by the tech bug this week.  I think it started with an innocent enough question on the linuxwacom-discuss user list.  I ended up talking to the lead developer on the project and am going to see if I can’t hack the xsetwacom utility to allow one to set the LED labels on the Intuos 4 series of tablets.  (I actually have a few ideas for this, and related to this, but let’s not put the cart before the horse, shall we?)
I’ve also got some web design stuff traipsing around in my head.  I used to be part of a team that worked on a local dance studio’s website, as part of a barter arrangement for tuition for my daughters.  The studio owner (who shall remain linkless) rather abruptly replaced us with her boyfriend, and our overly-pink-at-her-request but clean design with a horrible mess that must have come out of Microsoft Frontpage.  Left without any commercial work to do on the web, we began thinking of ways to find and take on other projects.  That set my mind to turning over the idea of web design in general, and was a fertile field when a friend from the Ubuntu-MN list happened to make a post about microformats.  This has led to a reexamining of semantic HTML in general, and a major resurgence in enthusiasm for me.  So, I hope to make some changes around here, soon.
(And if you happen to like my style here, and know of someone that needs a web design guru, give them my name.)


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