I'm not dead!

I have not been active much here, or in any other online venue, honestly.  I just haven’t been feeling that inspired.

I did want to share something with everyone, though.  I think it’s pretty awesome.  “AMTRON delivers 28,000 Ubuntu-based PCs to students in Assam.”  The government of Assam has a program in which it gives a new PC to every student that gets 60% or better on their high-school exit exams.  I have no idea what 60% represents, but I assume it must be pretty good – at least enough to ensure you’re a useful addition to the work force.  AMTRON is responsible for implementing the program, and they went with Ubuntu based PCs.

I don’t see why any government program would use a proprietary operating system, frankly.  The cost savings for software, combined with the benefit of not being held hostage to a single company, seems like a great solution to me.  The more people that are reached with a system like this, the more it will become understood that there are more than two choices about how to use your computer.  OSX and Windows can be great, if they offer what you need, but a lot of people are wasting a ton of time and money on them that they don’t need to.

Bravo, Assam!

Also, my tutorial on using HAL .fdi files to configure keyboard layouts seems to be broken in Ubuntu “Jaunty Jackelope” 9.04.  I will be updating the tutorial once I figure out the extent of the change and how to fix it.  So far I haven’t worried about it too much, because I have only run into problems with the GDM login.


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