Doing a little bit to help out

I have mentioned a few times that I would like to be more active in some open-source projects, but my schedule is so full that I am loathe to commit to any development.

Well, I did manage to do a bit.  I submitted a suggestion to the GIMP UI Brainstorm.  My suggestion was for a “working palette” that would be similar is function no a real-life artist’s palette.  As I have begun using GIMP more and more for artistic work, what I have found is that colors get lost.  You may start with your base color, but as you smudge and blend, sometimes it gets difficult to figure out where to sample from to get that pure color again.  A working palette would allow one to “dab” the color on the palette and always go back there with the eyedropper.

I have thought of doing this using a second document, but it would be very useful and more streamlined if it were a built-in function.

Here’s the image I submitted.


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