Clearly, I have work to do.

I have been pretty pleased with the way my past few pictures have come out. She Loves Me, in particular, was a much better piece than I expected when I decided to try it. I also have a butterfly digital painting, modeled after a photograph by my wife, which is coming along pretty well. It’s sort of a pseudo-impressionist work.

With that in mind, I decided to start working on some character sketches for my work in progress webcomic, Celerity. The first one I tried was a pretty basic static pose of Celerity herself, in her “civilian” persona of Jane Haides.

I’m not yet really to the point of attempting to find a style for the comic, yet. I am thinking about a few things, but for the moment I just need a refresher on the entire subject of figure-drawing.

I will be posting that picture and seeking critiques and suggestions later. The short version, though, is, “Yeah. Not so much.” It wasn’t an unmitigated disaster, at least. It was simply not very good. I think the picture has good points as well as bad points.


  • I think the basic proportions are right. The head might be a little off.
  • The pose came out just about how I wanted it.
  • It’s practice, which can do nothing but help, right?


  • Hands. Not good. Must draw hands until I am blue in the… hands.
  • Clearly, I need to focus on some anatomy study. The bits are about the right size, but the details are off.
  • Face: Not a disaster, but not really what I wanted. Maybe I should go looking for photo references to compare and see what I missed. The difficulty being that I don’t want Celerity to have a typical comic book heroine face. More like Wonder Woman in the hands of someone who takes that Amazon thing seriously. Strong, wide jawed, etc. But I am not exactly sure how to make that work.
  • In the words of Germaine: “Technique, rudimentary. Style, non-existent.”

Rather foolishly, it depressed me. I think my early successes with digital painting and drawing of still-life set me up with unrealistic expectations. It makes sense, though. Figure drawing was never my forte, and in my earlier attempts it wasn’t much of a priority, really. Even when I was drawing comic book heroes and scenes, they were usually copied from or modifications of comic book scenes.

So, time to make some legitimate studies, I think.


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