Ursula Vernon Says It Perfectly

I should keep this link and show it to people who ask me why I want to write and draw comics.

Today on her LiveJournal, Ursula Vernon1, the author of Digger, and creator of some of my favorite whimsical fantasy drawings, wrote a post called “The Power of Comics.”  If you like comics, or even if you just wonder why some of your friends do, you should go and read it.

Here’s a guy who slept with an AK-47 next to his bed, in anticipation of somebody breaking into the house at any moment to kill him and his family. Here’s a guy who has seen more death and ruin come to his home than any human should see in a dozen lifetimes.[…]  And he was excited to be doing a comic.

Yeah.  That.

1Caution. Some material NSFW.


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