Sad news for Celerity

Celerity has lost its artist.

Levi hasn’t been able to devote the time to it he wanted to.  I don’t blame him – we’re both pretty busy with work and personal lives, and it’s hard to motivate yourself to rearrange your life for someone else’s project.  He’s been a great resource, though, and helped me finalize a lot of the desired visual style of Celerity and her enemies.

Unfortunately, that leaves me back almost where I started.  I finished the script, so that’s a good thing, for sure, but I still don’t have an artist.

The way I figure it, I have a couple of different possibilities.

  1. Give up.  This isn’t really on the table, but it is an option.
  2. Find a new artist.  This would take a long time, at best.  My friends tend to be technical and/or language oriented people, for the most part.  The visual artists that I know are largely photographers.  Once you get to people who draw and/or paint, most of them are very busy, uninterested in comics, or both.
  3. Use this as an opportunity to practice my character drawing and do the art myself.

Of the options, I think I like 3 the best.  I want to get back to drawing again, and this would be a great motivator.  I also have a couple of other ideas that I could use.  So, hopefully I will start inflicting some drawings on my friends and readers in the near future.

Probably not until the floor is done, though.


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