Mike Merriam releases the self-published Shimmers and Shadows

Michael Merriam is a friend of mine, and an entertaining science fiction author. He and his wife have compiled and edited a collection of his stories, Shimmers and Shadows. He read the “cover story” at CONVergence this year, and had most of the room crying. That’s okay, though. He followed up with “Protect and Serve” and had us all laughing.

Not only is Mike a friend and a writer worth checking out, he also has freely available work out there. For the past two years, Mike has participated in International Pixel-Stained Techonpeasant Day. His contributions are up at his Livejournal.

So! Go to his website. Check out his stories. Read them where he has them linked in online magazines. And, when you are done seeing what a cool guy he is, think about picking up his book. You can even contact him through the website, rather than Lulu, if you want to have him send you a signed copy. They tell me it takes longer, of course, and I’m not sure about shipping.


One Response to “Mike Merriam releases the self-published Shimmers and Shadows”

  1. Michael Merriam Says:

    Thanks so much for the kind words!

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