Do you know CodeWeavers?

CodeWeaversCodeweavers is the major corporate backer of the Wine Project. I’m a CodeWeavers app advocate for some kids’ software. I firmly believe that while the biggies like Office or the major games are a real hurdle to be overcome, it’s the little things like webcam support and your recipe programs that are going to be a real bone of contention for the everyday user.

In addition to their work on Wine, Codeweavers offers professional services for users of Linux and Mac OS. Their two flagship products, CrossOver Office and Crossover Games are professionally supported compatibility products, based on Wine, with focuses (obviously) on office and game software. As an advocate, I have tried both products, and can say that they are definitely well designed, useful pieces of software.

In the not too distant past, both Wine 1.0 and CrossOver Office 7 hit the virtual shelves. Those are major milestones for the Wine community at large and the CodeWeavers staff in particular. Way to go, guys!

I wanted to bring CodeWeavers to my readers’ attention for a variety of reasons. If you really wish one of your pieces of software would work properly in Wine, you should consider signing up to be an advocate. If you would like to run Linux in your office, but you’re worried about a piece of Windows-specific software or two, drop them a line. They might be able to make your day. And even if you are happy as a pig in slop to run vanilla Wine… it never hurts to know more about the people who are making our software, does it?Technorati Tags: , , ,


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