I Aint't Ded

I know things have been pretty slow here at Dragonsept Arts & Publishing lately.  The only good thing about that is that I can say that I have been using that time mostly for writing.  I have a few posts to come.

  1. DA&P in Second Life is no more.  It may come back later, but right now there is just no time for it.
  2. I have been using a software called Celtx to write out my Celerity script.  I will be doing a review in honor of the release of version 1.0!
  3. I have come up with some new story ideas I will be mulling over.
  4. The Rain-Slick Precipice of Darkness is not free and open, but it is available for the free Linux platform, and I think that bears mention.  Plus, it’s a great game.

See you soon!


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