Stained fingers and smoking shoes

I have been writing a lot for the last three days.

I had a period of time where I just could not get anything done.  I kept thinking about it, but when I sat down at the computer or laptop, the words just wouldn’t flow.  I got the idea that maybe it would be more comfortable to just write it out longhand.  I tend to avoid this approach, because it’s not searchable and it has to be retyped again.  None of that matters if you don’t get anything written down at all, does it?

I know myself, though.  I tend to get hand cramps and the like when I try to write that much longhand.  So I hunted up the fountain pens I got as  gifts years ago, and cleaned them out.  I bought a bit of black ink, and started writing.

It has really worked out well.  I have gotten more written over the last few days than I have at any time since NaNoWriMo.

I have been working on Celerity rather than Mortal Voice.  The changes in POV characters in MV are still percolating.  I am hoping we can start seeing the website, and the first few teaser pictures go up for Celerity in the next couple of months.


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