Progress on my newest (yet oldest) project.

One of the projects that is eating my brain is a superhero graphic novel, Celerity.  Celerity is a teen girl who develops super speed powers.  Wacky hijinx ensue.  Or tense action and drama.  Take your pick.

I originally envisioned it as an ongoing comic title, but I decided last week that it should be a graphic novel instead.  If that even applies to a work offered online.  Regardless of the proper name, it will have a definite beginning, middle, and end.  I think this will make the whole project different.  I was going to say harder, because I will have to intentionally write in the sorts of things that often grow organically out of an ongoing series.  Then I realized that I will also have some things easier.  I can offer definite resolutions to storylines, because removing a character or situation isn’t as far reaching.  I don’t have to worry about untenable situations in the comic – it’s okay for something to bring a halt to Celerity’s career.  I also don’t have to come up with (or recycle)  an endless stream of plots to keep it going in perpetuity.

I went for a long time without finding an artist who was interested, but now I have got one.  My friend Levi will be drawing for the comic.  We are deep into the brainstorming phase right now.

I will be hosting the comic here, on a subdomain.  I will also be publishing it under a Creative Commons license.  (Most likely by-nc-sa.)  That reminds me, I should look for open source comic website software.  Something tells me that writing the comic and writing software to display it may be more than I can handle.


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