A day for geeking

The last twenty-four hours have had more than my standard share of geeking.

I got voice chat working (and sound cleaned up) in World of Warcraft by switching from Crossover to Wine.  That was fun.  I thought it might me even more fun to use my phone’s bluetooth headset for voice chat.

That did not go so well.  I got it to pair with my computer (using an HP Bluetooth dongle) but couldn’t get it to actually play any sound.  However, I do have Bluetooth working on my system now, which is a good thing.   I also paired with my phone and transferred my address book to it, which could come in handy.

Today I upgraded WordPress and its plugins.  I had them all up-to-date on the old site, but the new site was a version behind.  I also tried to find a client that I like.  I was really enjoying using Scribefire for a while, but now it gives me weird errors.  It claims that certain procedures and the like are unavailable.  I tried several others, but did not find any I liked as well as the update page here at the blog itself.  I found some threads on WordPress.org that seem to suggest that the issue is related to PHP version.

I am not sure what I will do next.  Some time this weekend I am planning on creating my first database aware page for the website.  I am learning PHP as I go, here, so that is going to be interesting.

That reminds me, I still need to get Eclipse + PHP working so I can evaluate it properly.  Bluefish is nice, but I am very comfortable with Eclipse from my work in Java.


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