Dragonsept Arts Blog is now OpenID enabled

I have installed the WordPress plugin to allow OpenID commenting.  Comments left with an OpenID are automatically approved.

I know a lot of people may not know about OpenID, so the good news is, you probably already have one.  A lot of larger companies are already OpenID providers, even if they are not yet full featured consumers.  Examples of OpenIDs you may not know you have are:

  • Livejournal accounts  (username.livejournal.com)
  • AOL/AIM screen names (openid.aol.com/screenname)
  • Vox accounts (member.vox.com)
  • WordPress accounts (username.wordpress.com)

If you don’t have one of these, and want to know what other acconts might be an OpenID, or where to get a new one, you can check the OpenID.net “how to” page.

In my long-term to-do list, you may remember that I hoped to allow ratings, comments, and tags.  When it comes time to implement that, I intend to use OpenID to do so.  I have not yet decided if I will make dragonseptarts.com an OpenID provider.  If I do not, I will probably become an affiliate of MyOpenID.com so you can create an OpenID if you don’t have one.  Either way, I figure that most people won’t need to create a new ID in order to participate.  Right now I am trending away from being a provider, because I don’t know that I am interested in taking the time and effort to do a good one.

I would really like to see more places become true consumers of OpenID instead of merely providers.  For example, your Livejournal ID is an OpenID, but you cannot log in to Livejournal and create a blog using your AOL screen name.  You can use it to post comments.  Your friends can even add you to their filters using it.  But it still doesn’t work as a blog.  Why not?  The same is true of AIM.  No IMing from your Vox account.


One Response to “Dragonsept Arts Blog is now OpenID enabled”

  1. Jenna Doll Says:

    I just randomly picked this post to say that I really love your blog
    Hope you keep on posting great stuff
    regards, jenna

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