Back to SL after a lengthy absence

I came back to Second Life in earnest for a while today.  I have not had a lot of time to spend there lately, so it was nice to see the other Free and Open Island residents.

I added a little bit of new content today.  I put in the long overdue donation jar on the mantle in the library.  I also added the library’s first two terminals in the computer area.  One leads to the home page and the other to this blog.

New Comuputer Lab

There was a bit of a technical glitch today.  The drives at x10 are being cleaned, so they are currently locked from writing.  Unfortunately, they are not locked from deleting.  So, when I tried to upload a new version of “Requiem for the Black Knight,” it deleted the old one but couldn’t write the new one.  It’s unavailable right now, but should be back to normal soon.

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