Been under the weather

In an almost literal sense.  The temperature around here has been staying below zero for the last several days.  I have not been feeling too well, so I haven’t accomplished much, either writing or web development.

Things are looking up, so I have high hopes for the near future.

Upcoming we have:

  1. New content from a couple of well known creators
  2. A profile/Q&A from one of them
  3. The integration of a data backend for DA&P
  4. A links page, including SLURLs for our Second Life based library/gallery and friends.
  5. More writing!

On the computer side of things, I haven’t been doing too much that’s new and exciting.  I have settled on Bluefish for the time being for PHP/web development, though I hear good things about Eclipse with the PHP dev kit.  I tried Screem, but just couldn’t get into it.  The pendulum has swung back to “practical” and I have disabled Compiz desktop effects.

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