NaNoWriMo: The home stretch

Here it is, the last week of NaNoWriMo.

The past couple of weeks have been difficult for me.  I have had a lot of family- and work-based interruptions, and have had a few completely unproductive days.  Luckily, I am into the part of the story that I have most clearly laid out, so when I do get to write, it’s not quite as hard to know how to proceed.  I am getting between 3000-4000 words a day on this part.  I am pleased.

I am pretty sure that I will “win” NNWM.  I am also pretty certain that I will not finish my novel this week.  I think I am looking at 70k to 80k for my novel.  I am in the middle of one section, and have 3 more to go before I am done.  The general plot arc of my novel looks something like this:

  1. Introduction
  2. Revelation/Decision
  3. Early Journey
  4. Middle Journey
  5. End Journey
  6. Confrontation/Resolution

Section #1 was written while the story was in its greatest flux.  That not particularly fun, but definitely drove home the need for better outlining before starting.  Section #2 looked like one of my old calculus teacher’s problem solutions.  He would skip from step 2 or 3 on to about step 8.  If you asked how he did it, he told you, “hat trick.”  My plan looked like “she gets the letter, and there’s an attack, and some other stuff happens to convince her to go along with the plan.”  It’s not easy to go from “some other stuff happens” to a coherent narrative on the fly.  It is going to require some heavy editing, but on the whole I am pleased.

I am smack in the middle of #3 right now.  #4 won’t be as long or involved, because 2 and 3 have a lot of stuff the characters (and reader) need to learn to progress.  #4 will be a more simple narration of plot.  #5 is where the really weird stuff starts, and will probably be long again.  6 will flow pretty cleanly out of 5 and won’t be that long.  In reality, all these sections overlap, as they should.

My traitorous brain has also proposed a sequel.  I kind of like it, actually.

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