Playing catch-up

Monday was a federal holiday.  Since I work for the government, I had the day off.  It was very nice.  In addition to family time, I was able to get some writing done.

I gave in to the inner editor just a smidgen, and took a paragraph and half I had written earlier and actually wrote those events instead of summarizing them.  It think it gives the feel of what is going on for the characters a lot better than the original glossing over did.

Our heroine and her boy Thursday are about to really get into the thick of things.  This next bit will be tricky.  There is a lot of information available, and I will have to be careful not to put in a lot of unnecessary detail.  I also want to find ways to avoid too much “info-dump.”

I put in a few hours work on Monday, and produced 3500+ words, to bring me up to 24,931.

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