NaNoWriMo Day 7

Yesterday was Day 7 of National Novel Writing Month. My morale remains high, and I think we will be rescued soonI have a whole book in there.

I took the middle girlchild to the library to get a school book, and while she was hunting, I set up the laptop and got a little writing done. I was able to gel where I wanted to go with the current scene. I finished it once we got home. These first three chapters have really established Liz’s personality, and to a lesser extent, that of some of her friends and acquaintances. Now we can really get going on finding out what’s going on around here, and what Liz’s part will be in it.

That burst of writing was less than the 1667 pace” but still left me 1003 words ahead. I am quietly confident that I can write the 50,000 words this month. More importantly, I am confident that I can complete the book.

I want to take a moment to publicly say thanks to everyone who is encouraging me. I am getting support offline, in Second Life, on LiveJournal, and more. Thanks to all of you.

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