A great NaNo weekend

I had a pretty good weekend for NaNo.  I got a late start on both days, but stayed ahead of the pace.

I did not get my 6000 words over the weekend that I was hoping for, but I managed more than 4000, so I am not complaining.

I still like the story as it is unfolding.  One of the problems in the first version of the story is that the main character was a little too passive.  I think I was largely forced into that by the circumstances in which the story took place.  Now I have a longer timeline, and I can edit the character as I see fit, so it is easier to give her chances to be more active and show the take-charge parts of her personality.  I also really like the fact that I am under no pressure to make her believe in what’s going on very fast. 🙂

I wrote the first (only?) sex scene of the book today.  I am really not interested in creating a softcore porno, so I chose to do a little literary “cut to the blowing curtains.”

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