NaNoWriMo, Day 2

Day 2 went great.

I started off by being able to write a bit at work during lunch and in the afternoon. I had a lot of installing to do, so it was “click a button, write 10 minutes, click a button.” It wasn’t the smoothest way to do it, but in the end I was pleased.

Then I learned about a Twin Cities write-in calendar, and found that there was a write-in happening at a coffee shop not too far from where I work. I made sure nothing important was going on at home, then headed up there in the evening. I met three other NaNo participants from the Cities, and got a fair amount of writing done. We did something called “sprints,” which is when you write for 10 minutes, compare word counts, then relax and talk for 10 minutes. I ended up writing a little between sprints, but I can see how it would definitely be a plus for times when the sheer scope of what you are doing starts to get daunting. “Write for 10 minutes” is a lot easier to face than “write 40,000 more words.”

All told today my word count was 2550 words. 🙂 I am ahead of the pace. That’s just what I wanted to do, so if life, work, or writer’s block get the better of me, I won’t fall too far behind.

Mortal Voice:
Word Meter: 4481 out of 50,000

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