For such a crappy start, the first day of NaNoWriMo went okay.

I had a terrible start to today.  There is really nothing like being up until 3:30am to make you more or less certain that you aren’t going to get much accomplished.

After getting a little sleep, doing a little more work, then getting little more sleep, I was able to get some writing done today.  I would like to have created a bit more than I did, but given the deficit I was running under, I will take it.

Highlights today include:

  • Finding out I was going to have an extra day in the narrative.
  • Foreshadowing
  • Learning about my main character.  Did you know she’s a full-time musician?  Neither did I.
  • Deciding on foreshadowing, but not getting around to writing it yet.

I am pleased with myself.  I ended up producing 1931 words today.  I am hoping I can do at least 3000/day on the weekends, so any days that just won’t cooperate won’t put me in too bad of a hole.

In related news, I realized that I did not actually lose some short story revisions that I thought were lost.  Happy Songwind FTW!

Mortal Voice:
Word Meter: 1931 words

Oh, yeah!  Having a couple of close writing buddies (my dad, and one of the guys from work) is a big boost as well.

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One Response to “For such a crappy start, the first day of NaNoWriMo went okay.”

  1. One_Undone Says:

    Hey, better a rocky start than none. I think it’s great that you got it off the ground. That’s the hardest part, really. Once it’s started, it’s just a matter of adding to it. Good on ya. 😉

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