Things have been quiet in the land of Second Life

I have not been accomplishing a lot, but I have gotten in some very good socializing time.  This is definitely not a complaint.

One thing I DID accomplish was to create some chairs for my “reading nook” by the fireplace in the library.  They have a dark brown leather look, and the cushions, arms, and trim were made with sculpted prims.
 My first chairs

I am actually thinking of moving the reading nook and fireplace over to the small alcove area.  That was originally going to be the desk/office area, but I am not sure anymore.  I will probably have to move it and see.  It is not like it’s that hard to do.

The Free and Open Island just had its first elections for the island council.  There were exactly the same number of candidates as positions to be had, so there was no actual voting.  I am pleased with the people that put themselves forward, and would most likely have voted for them if someone else had entered the race.  I considered getting involved, but I don’t really think I have the time.

Oh, yeah, I got the light flicker on my fireplace pretty well nailed, and put it up for sale on SLEX and in a store in Charm.  There has been a fair amount of interest, but no purchases yet.

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